Alison Nancye's mother mojo novel “MOTHERLOAD” is a wake-up call for mothers to live their passions.

Mother of three Abigail, is wondering how life got so screwed up. She keeps meaning to have the breakdown she needs but can’t find time in her motherload schedule. Whatever set Abigail on a downward spiral to being deeply dissatisfied with life, she has arrived at that destination. But when her best friend Sal’s life takes a downward spiral, it becomes the shake up Abigail needs to re-create her identity, minus the title of Mrs & Mum. 


Alison Nancye's first novel is an entertaining, uplifting, well loved inspiring read. It chronicles the journey of lead character Beth stepping off the treadmill of a deeply dissatisfied life to courageously follow her intuition on the greatest adventure of all.

"NOTE TO SELF is a great read that really taps into our universal need for happiness, acceptance & ultimately, love. Alison Nancye has lovingly created a fun and relatable character, and set her on an adventure that you’ll want to follow to the very end.”
Sarah Girgis, Emmy Award Winning Producer & Writer, New York, U.S.A.



A must read for teenagers and parents that tells a tale of overcoming bullying, unlocking potential and striving for greatness.

“One week & one day & in every spare minute I had. I thoroughly enjoyed “VEINS OF PAIN” Alison Nancye. Thank you, for sharing this wonderful story with the world. I’m giving it to my teenage daughter to read now." Melissah Sims, Central Coast, NSW, Australia



Too busy or too stressed to meditate? Always wanted to try meditation but don’t know where to begin? This simple guide book will help you relax, reduce stress, clear conflict and increase energy by meditating.

“I always thought meditation wasn't for me as I couldn’t quiet my mind easily. I’m often running around with a busy job and social life, that’s why Alison Nancye's “HANDBAG MEDITATIONS” book is perfect. It has easy to digest, practical meditations and not too hippy - if you know what I mean.”
Amber Livingston, Beijing, China 


Cook up the life of your dreams with this fun life-mentoring recipe-style book to help you discover what you want most in life and make it happen.

“Thank you so much. I love the short, sweet & simple approach to 'cooking up' a better life. I love the way you have written references to cooking. “RECIPES FOR EVERYDAY LIFE” is clever, amusing & easy to relate to."
Sheree, Melbourne, Australia 


Alison Nancye's first children’s book in The Umbrella Girls series.

Confident Aussie Charli is never afraid to speak her mind, which often gets her in trouble! Will Charli learn to share wisdom from her heart or continue upsetting her teacher & friends for speaking up a little too truthfully? 


Alison Nancye's second children’s book in The Umbrella Girls series.

Surf champ Pia from Chile appears really brave but has a secret no none knows. She is REALLY afraid of the dark and going to sleep each night. Will Pia overcome her fear or will her fears hold her back from her dreams?


Alison Nancye's third children’s book in The Umbrella Girls series.

Indian darling ANIKA is wise beyond her years but her family is too poor to send her to school. Will The Traveling Library help Anika to finally go to school or will she remain in her tiny village weaving baskets instead?


Alison Nancye's first meditation album offers over 1 hour of guided meditation tracks to chill out, de-stress, relax and feel calm.

“Love Alison Nancye and your advice on de-stressing through meditation. I can now block everything out and focus on my breathing using your tips.”
Lyn, Channel 9 TV Viewer


Alison Nancye's second meditation CD is a double album which guides students (and parents) to their inner calm.

"My 9-year-old son really enjoyed Alison Nancye’s meditation album to help him focus and complete his homework. He is now looking forward to Alison’s ‘Bedtime Meditation’ track to help him sleep well.”
Martine Springer, Mum of 3“