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Self-help author and meditation educator, Ms Alison Nancye and Avoca Beach yoga teacher and health coach, Ms Carrera Jones share their passion for helping teens with their self-esteem. The two health advocates have teamed up to give local teenagers advice on healthy life practices that will assist them now and in the future.

The workshop will give teenagers an opportunity to learn yoga routines, meditation and mindfulness exercises as well as nutritious eating habits and healthy life choices that can be practiced at home, school or in everyday life.

Ms Nancye is a mother of two and has learned from personal experience the value of these life skills for supporting young people to succeed at school and manage life problems such as bullying.

She has been teaching meditation and mindfulness techniques for 20 years now and said she was motivated by how much teenagers can benefit from the support. She is also releasing her Meditation for Teens Album.

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