Prolific self-esteem, transformation and mindfulness author, Alison Nancye, encourages audiences around the globe to mindfully reflect on life and be inspired to live a life you love. She is a well-respected expert in positive transformation, mindfulness, meditation and life-skills, having practiced meditation for 21 years. Alison’s expertise has been featured in the media on television, in print, on radio and online. She is the author of 10 books, several e-books and 2 meditation albums. Her extensive portfolio extends to self-help, wellness, healthy living, positive psychology, transformation, present parenting, happiness, creative living, career change, resilience, and overcoming life’s obstacles to life your best life.

After started her career as a communications specialist and freelance writer 30 years ago. She wrote her first book ‘RECIPES FOR EVERDAY LIFE’ to encourage people to create the life of their dreams using her innovative recipe-style mentoring exercises. Her audiences craved more of her unique practical wisdom and so Alison’s second non-fiction book ‘HANDBAG MEDITATIONS, a unique guide to chilling out on the run in today’s busy world, was written.

Seven years ago, driven further by the need to inspire people to live a meaningful life, Alison took on the challenge of writing her first novel. “NOTE TO SELF” is an entertaining, uplifting and well-loved inspiring read now optioned as a Feature Film. “VEINS OF PAIN”, her first young adult novel, is a powerful must read for teenagers and parents that tells a tale of the impact of bullying, unlocking potential and striving for greatness. Her third novel, “MOTHERLOAD” is a wake-up call for mothers around the globe to live their passions minus the title of Mrs & Mum. Alison also writes for younger generation audiences through her popular self-esteem series “THE UMBRELLA GIRLS”, inspiring girls around the globe to shine.

With a passion for storytelling and inspiring audiences to live their best life, Alison recently made the transition from author to screenwriter. Her first screenplay collaboration features four female leads, exploring how we value life after death. Her latest screenplay collaboration is a spiritual thriller weaving the highly topical theme of domestic violence throughout the plot.

Continuing on her quest to inspire audiences of all generations, Alison is penning her fourth noveL, “I’M DONE”, to invite older generation women to take a chance and pursue their unfulfilled life dreams.

When Alison is not writing books and movies that move her audiences, and content for freelance projects, she speaks to audiences large and small from school children to corporate adults to inspire them to creative positive change where they most need it. Alison is passionate about inspiring her readership and audiences to value their life, pursue their passions, and live a life they love.

PS... Nancye is pronounced Nancy - it just has an ‘e’ at the end – long story!