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I write books, MOVIES, Tv & DOCUMENTARY CONTENT that moveS people

Whether I move people in their emotions or inspire the shift someone needed to move in a new life direction, my intention with all my writing is, to move people.

As a prolific self-esteem, transformation and mindfulness author, my aim is to encourage audiences around the globe to mindfully reflect on life and be inspired to live a life you love. Having practised meditation for 21 years, I have become a ‘go-to’ expert in positive transformation, mindfulness, meditation and life-skills. I love to encourage everyone to meditate!


I am the author of 10 books, several e-books and 2 meditation albums. My books, live your best life content and meditation and mindfulness expertise has been featured on television, in print, on radio and online. I write and talk on self-help, wellness, healthy living, positive psychology, transformation, present parenting, happiness, creative living, life purpose, resilience, and overcoming life’s obstacles to live your best life. And, I’ve definitely had my fair share of life’s obstacles to ‘walk the talk’ when sharing real and genuine ways for my audiences to make real and genuine changes that makes life more meaningful and fulfilling.


People often ask how I got started on my writing path. After high school, I studied Public Relations and Media at night while working full time in the PR & Media department of The Children’s Hospital by day. I learned very early on in my career that education and deepening one’s learning about one’s self, is a huge part of one’s life path and purpose.

After graduating, I pursued an eclectic career in a wide range of industries from corporate to charity, to community to creative. I learned so much in all of these fields but what I learned most is that I love to write and I love to help people.

After my first child was born I began the balancing act of motherhood meets purpose. It catapulted me into creating a life-mentoring business where I inspired others to create their own balance between doing what they love most while doing it with those they most love.


From my mentoring platform, my burgeoning desire to serve a wider audience and re-connect with my my passion to write took hold of me and so my first book, ‘RECIPES FOR EVERYDAY LIFE’ was born. This practical and fun guide to creating the life of your dreams was popular amongst my small but growing audience.

My audiences began to crave more of my unique practical wisdom and so my second non-fiction book, ‘HANDBAG MEDITATIONS’ - a unique guide to chilling out on the run, was written.

Seven years later, after deeply immersing myself in raising two beautiful children born a year apart, I was driven by the further need to inspire people to live a meaningful life. I gave myself the enormous and genuinely overwhelming challenge of writing my first novel. I’m proud of ‘NOTE TO SELF’. It’s been noted as an entertaining and uplifting well-loved book that is part pleasure part purpose.

My taste for diving deep into my imagination and using it as a tool to inspire others to dive deep into their lives, both pleasure and pain, guided me to my first young adult novel. ‘VEINS OF PAIN’, is a powerful must read for teenagers and parents that tells a tale of the impact of bullying and striving for greatness. This book pulls at the heartstrings and encourages society to look closer at our next generation and lean in to guiding our teens to realise their full potential.

My third novel, ‘MOTHERLOAD’, I discovered, while the writing poured onto the pages, I could completely relate to the lead character’s constant internal and external juggle and struggle of mothering her children while remembering to take care of herself.

After writing many books, both fiction and non-fiction, I reconnected with my first fiction story, ‘THE WISDOM OFFICE’, written when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was soon after my daughter was born, I wrote another book for girls, ‘THE TALKING SHELLS’, while also creating the self-esteem series, ‘THE UMBRELLA GIRLS’. My aim for this brand is to inspire girls around the globe to shine their true colours.


With an ongoing passion for storytelling and inspiring audiences to live their best life, I recently made the transition from author to screenwriter. Yes I love a challenge! My first screenplay collaboration, ‘4 BIRDS’, features four female leads, exploring how we value life when presented with death.

My interest in weaving life learning into film has now exploded and most recently I co-wrote a second feature film, ‘THE JOURNAL’. It weaves the highly topical theme of domestic violence throughout the plot and explores the dramatic lengths someone might go to to be understood and believed.

I’m not stopping there. I continue to write every day. Sometimes a few lines, sometimes a few thousand. I’m currently investigating a new project; a film, possibly a television series, that will provoke audiences to shake off the patterns of their past to live a powerfully truthful path now and for the future.

Speaking Gigs

When I’m not writing books and movies that move my audiences, or creating content for freelance projects, I also get invited to speak to audiences large and small from school children to corporate adults, to inspire people to creative positive change where they most need it.

If you’d like me to speak to your audience, I’d love to hear from you.