Alison Nancye is the author of 10 books and two meditation albums, with her first novel “NOTE TO SELF” being made into a movie. Her mother mojo novel “MOTHERLOAD” is a wake-up call for mothers around the globe to live their passions. Her young adult novel “VEINS OF PAIN” is a powerful must read for teenagers and parents that tells a tale of the impact of bullying, unlocking potential and striving for greatness. Her popular self-esteem children’s book series “THE UMBRELLA GIRLS” inspires girls around the globe to shine.

Alison has just completed co-writing her first screenplay, featuring four female leads, exploring how we value life after death. Her latest screenplay collaboration is a spiritual thriller weaving highly topical themes of mental health and domestic violence throughout the plot. She is also penning a new novel that invites women of the older generation to take a chance and pursue their unfulfilled life dreams.

It hasn’t always been shining highlights for this blended family mother of four. She grew up in Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia never knowing her father and this laid the foundation for that constant internal nagging dialogue that something was profoundly missing from her life. It’s not so much finding her father after a three-decade search that changed Alison’s life, it was finding herself in the process that did. Her heart warming and inspiring journey has become the footprint for Alison’s life’s work and led her to write books and films with meaning that inspire people to transform their lives.

Alison is passionate about inspiring everyone she meets to pursue their passions, value their life, do what they love and not let a moment of life pass you by. Her work has a particular focus on inspiring women and girls through her inspiring fiction books and self esteem, empowerment & mindfulness workshops for women and girls.

She’s overcome a lot to be the woman she is today and loves the opportunity to encourage women and girls to be all they would love and deserve to be. Alison loves writing books and films she wished she had coming into her own womanhood to guide her through life and teach her how to stand up for herself and pursue her life purpose with passion. She also loves the opportunity to bring to life the learning content from her books and movies through her one-on-one and group mentoring programs.

Alison started her career graduating in Public Relations and Media and later became a published author who has been writing books with meaning for over a decade. She has spent a good deal of her career researching books and films and entertaining and educational content around the globe and specifically spending time in Australia and United States. She loves writing books that not only tell stories but inspire her readers to create life changing stories of their own. Alison has worn many hats in her career including writer, producer, pr, media, marketing, sales, learning and development, speaking, training, people development, mentoring, management and mum! She has worked in many organisations from large to small, to community to charity, to publishing to entertainment, to corporate to small business.

Alison has been meditating 20+ years and is a well sought after speaker and media expert in mindfulness, meditation, wellness, positive perspective, life skills, transformation, happiness, creative living, resilience and writing. She is currently furthering her education portfolio and passion for people development by studying a Diploma in Counselling.

PS... Nancye is pronounced Nancy - it just has an ‘e’ at the end – long story!