"Note to Self is a little different than most, as readers join Beth on her journey of self discovery as she leaves her hum-drum corporate life in search of joy and fulfilment with a spur of the moment trip to Peru. It's a romance, chick-lit-esque novel with self-help undertones as it's relatable, engaging and inspiring too."
Kirsty, @southerninlaw

"Finished Motherload in just a few hours and really enjoyed it. It's real, raw, sometimes emotional, sometimes hilarious and such a good read."
Kirsty, @southerninlaw

"2 sittings, couldn't put it down, cover to cover- finished 😄 Love love love this book MOTHERLOAD!! That feeling, when you want to stop, to be able to savour every page but you can't resist & have to keep going! A must read for anyone who has experienced having a mother, being a mother, experienced the challenges of finding that balance we all desire; having someone we love, in pain, on any level & not knowing how we can support them. It's real, it's relatable & has instilled a wonderful sense of Inner Peace & hope within my being :)"
Amazon Customer Review, 5 *****

"My 9 1/2 year old daughter really enjoyed the workshops. She found it reassuring to hear Alison tell some of her own experiences of bullying and also some of the other kids tell their stories so she wasn't alone. She got so much out of the meditations which were fun, more like games then just sit down and meditate, fun things kids can do and think about. All in all, anybody could benefit from these workshops, my daughter told me some really useful and easy to remember tips to make her feel more confident and more relaxed and to handle bullying better or prevent it escalating in the future.”
Kathy Spinks, Sydney.

"My daughter LOVED the workshop. Amongst her feedback, our girl has described Alison as, “A bit like Miss Honey from [the Roald Dahl movie], Matilda. Kind of nice and kind and soft - and sweet, like honey. Additionally, our daughter REALLY struggles at the dentist, even for a check-up and clean. Yet, a few days after attending the Inspiring Girls workshop, she had a dental checkup, and while she wasn’t transformed entirely, she was much so much more relaxed and said she had felt much calmer from using the positive thought ideas learned during the workshop."
Julie Hale, Central Coast, Australia

“What I learned during that session unlocked something inside me and gave me the courage to take action and propel my life in a thrilling direction.”
Samantha, London UK

“The Mindfulness course was a life changing experience.”
Brendan Yell, Community Director, IBM

“Alison Nancye was my book mentor and is to this day a great source of inspiration. She is the real deal.”
Immik Kerr, Immik – Peak Performance Coaching www.immik.com.au

"I asked Alison if she would lead a workshop at our school to reconnect staff with our school vision. The variety of activities Alison involved staff in resulted in an energised staff who were actively engaged and connected with the school vision. Staff expressed they found Alison to be amiable, supportive and perspective to their needs. Alison returned to our school to introduce meditation skills to students across the school community, a practice which has continued since her visit. Such an impression was made by Alison that a member of staff approached Alison to present age specific workshops to the female students within our school. These wonderful workshops were designed for the girls to feel connected with each other and empowered to be their confident selves. Appreciating the positive response to Alison by our students and after speaking to two senior students, I asked Alison to be our school’s first presiding officer for the HSC. Her calm presence ensured this anxious time for students passed with minimal stress being brought into the examination room. Alison is authentic and this is the difference in the workshops and skills she presents. I am grateful for her work with both our staff and students."
Laura Roberts, Founding Principal, International Football School

"Alison brings Beth back to life. As so many of us strive for perfection we lose our way, lose ourselves. So busy we need to write ourselves 'post-its' as reminders. Rarely do we listen to our inner voice. Inspiring and fearless, Beth listens to hers and embarks on a life changing journey. NOTE TO SELF is a great reminder of the importance of unconditional love for ones self!"
Jennifer Brodeur, CEO JBSKINGURU, Canada. 

“Alison connects to the YOU in a project, connecting always to the real truth every time. I always walk away from our sessions with another 10 ideas, and all seem to be taking shape. Creative & Author Mentoring with Alison Nancye is like having your mum, best friend, creative collaborator, competitor (trying to always push you), confidant and producer all rolled into one. To not be involved with Alison for your creative projects would make the job at hand, long and tiresome instead of effortless and invigorating.”
Hazel, Writer / Creative Mentoring Client

“Being allowed to express from the heart and create your dreams ….truly takes your breathe away. I have been working with Alison Nancye and her Life Mentoring for some time now and every step something amazing and effortless unfolds. Through the care and support from Alison, I was able to go on a magical journey of connecting to myself, my heart and be present throughout every moment of the day.”
Life Mentoring Client

“I just wanted to say a big thank you again for coming along and empowering those young girls today. It was really positive and powerful and I even got something out of it!! Hopefully we can continue to work together in future programs as you certainly are an inspiring individual. The girls haven’t stopped talking about it and want you to come back sometime soon.”
Senior Constable Kurt Webb, Youth Case Manager, New South Wales Police Force

"If you ever need a group of non believers to understand the benefits of meditation and widening your mind, Alison is your person. After a long week on a Friday afternoon she managed to entertain, engage and get all the females and males of our marketing department using her simple techniques to bring focus to both their personal and our business goals. Highly recommended.”
Catriona Watson-Lamb, Marketing Director – Bendon Group

"Alison exudes the joy of being a writer and it’s infectious. Her techniques, including meditation, for tapping into the imagination will get you back in touch with your creativity.”
Robyn McWilliam, Workshop Coordinator, Society of Women Writers NSW

"Dear Alison, just writing in to say a BIG thank you for your Work/Life Balance Seminar! You were amazing and your talk really helped and inspired everyone. Your Seminar is not only thought-provoking and motivational but your natural ease and charm creates a warm & peaceful atmosphere. In a world driven by the lure of success, it is refreshing to know that you have someone like Alison Nancye encouraging the journey, not just the destination. Once again thank you so much. It was a very rewarding experience for us all.”
Ana Tiwary – Women In Film & Television (WiFT)

“Alison, your presentation was such a great way to kick off our seminar.  You were so vibrant, natural and down to earth which made it so easy for everyone to relate to you. Your story is so inspiring and the combination of your warmth and motivation were the perfect ingredients for our seminar.  Lots of easy and fun techniques from your book ‘Recipes for Everyday Life’ made the presentation interactive and engaging.  Absolutely fantastic!  Thank you! Can’t wait to see you on Oprah’s Couch!”
Christina Jonson – Producer

"Alison Nancye was the highlight speaker at our Health & Wellbeing Conference. Our head office is now constantly quoting her tips and meditation techniques that were practical and fun. She injected humour and fantastic recipes from her book ‘Recipes for Everyday Life’ into her session, which made it easy to absorb the information and apply to every part of your life!”
Therese Waters, Communications & Digital Marketing Manager – Clinique

“This year, we were fortunate to have Alison Nancye work with our Stage 3 Girls on a range of issues that are currently facing tween girls. Alison was like a breath of fresh air for our girls. She spoke in a way that they could relate to and gave strategies that were practical and easy to use. Immediate feedback from the girls was all extremely positive and they couldn’t wait until our weekly Friday “girl” sessions. With the number of issues and challenges now facing our girls in today’s society, we desperately need people like Alison to motivate, inspire and support this generation of young women. To this day, the girls and myself still use and discuss Alison’s sessions and strategies. We cannot thank her enough.”
Lisa, Primary School Teacher, NSW, Australia

"Dear Alison, It was a pleasure to meet you at your book launch. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story, it brought a tear to my eye. I think you have a tremendous gift to reach others as you are relatable with a laid back attitude and good sense of humour. Also you speak with real honesty and everyone appreciates that. I only wish it were possible for your message to be shared with others like me. I talked to (my friends) about your book/launch and they wished they had been part of the experience. I wish you all the very best, in particular may your pen always find the right words to connect to many hearts.”
Warm Regards Huia, Randwick, Sydney

“I learned how easy it is to meditate and openly share your dream in a room of people I don’t know. How powerful the truth can be when you openly share it.”
Meditation Workshop Participant

“Alison is an amazing mentor, to the degree that I went to her not even with an idea but more of a need just to connect to people. Every time we have met has been creative, amazing, abundant, deep, thought provoking and of course with a longevity of truth.”
Jasmine, Beijing, China

“Through Alison Nancye’s assistance she has given me clarity and structure that has enabled me to make some major career decisions. At all times her input has been incredibly valuable not only from a content driven perspective but also from impartiality. I believe it is the combination of both Alison’s intellect and heart that creates her incredible talent to help people achieve their goals. Thank you Alison and I look forward to working more with you in the future.”
Stephen Bishop, Consultant To The Phenomenally Successful Channel 7 TV Show ‘The One’ & Renowned Metaphysical Speaker To Media & Organisations

“Loved Alison’s Recipes for Everyday Life.”
Recipes For Everyday Life Event Participant

“The highlight was Alison’s energy!”
Zest for Life Event Participant

“The highlight was Alison’s motivation.”
Zest for Life Event Participant

“The highlight for me was Alison’s incredible life stories and passion!”
Zest for Life Event Participant

“Alison was very inspiring.”
Inspired Living Event Participant